the pronouncable five-letter that was not claimed already!

After Apple started to charge a hefty $99.95 a year for their .Mac offering, my brother and I decided it was time to switch to something new. Why not claim our own domain so that we can be sure we don't have to inform all our contacts (and web apps) time and time again that our e-mail adress has changed? And so we did!

The obvious choice was of course something with the family name and here we were lucky we could still get However, we decided we also wanted our very own

Try and find an unclaimed .com with a meaningful name and a minimal number of characters.

Tough luck!

You want to have a laugh? Go to interNic whois and check out e.g.:, and You'll see that these domains have been registered but are either offered for sale or pointing nowhere, at least not when I last checked.

Well, in the end we settled for as it is something you can both remember and pronounce.