The first item is a left-over of the times that an Animated GIF was the only thing you could use to show movement in a browser.
I'm the one with the Fender Precision Bass at the left, hiding behind the microphone. :-)

animation of the Kliek

The Kliek in Mazzo, Amsterdam
October 17th, 1989

Next is a close-up of me a few days later at the "Beatles Back Again" Festival.

Curt's Howl

The Kliek in "de Melkweg" (The Milky Way), Amsterdam
October 19th, 1989

Watch Marcel and Robert doing their "TV Demolition" stage act.

Robert smashing his TV Marcel smashing his TV

The Kliek in "Paradiso", Amsterdam
January 6th, 1990.
Song: "Kassie Kijken".

The Kliek in Berlin one week after the Berlin Wall had been opened.
November, 1989
Song: "You're The Only World I Know"

The Kliek live in the Melkweg, Amsterdam.
April, 1990
Song: "Where to run"

The Kliek in The Last Waterhole in Amsterdam.
December, 1989
Song: "I just wanna make love to you"

The Kliek recorded a 'real' video clip with the VPRO.
Song: "I'm gonna get that girl"