The Exist was an Amsterdam-based band that existed from 1986 until 1991. The initial line-up was: Peter van Leeuwen, Maarten Heijblok, Gerrit Korink and Gert Veltink. Zjenja Guberman replaced Gerrit Korink in 1989.

The music of The Exist can be described best as melodic guitar pop/rock in a mixture of styles of (then) contemporary bands like: The Chills, The Dream Syndicate and The Feelies. But still it always turned out to be one of the hardest things to describe our music and we have heard many comments from people who thought we resembled anything from Curved Air to the Cure.

We were also told that we were a sixties band very often, especially after Zjenja and I started to double in The Kliek.

This was even the remark we got when we participated in the "Grote Prijs van Nederland" contest.

Back then I thought, as I still think nowadays, that was a really short-sighted remark and goes to show that these people apparently never listened to real sixties music.

The main thing our music had in common with sixties music was the sense for melody and songs with a clear "head" and "tail".

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